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Many different versions made a few years ago are considered the most luxurious fake watches closest to the original model. At the time, PAM 127 was already the same as the real one, and no one could treat it as a replica. A year later, a new boss was in charge of the factory, and he was more likely to replicate Audemars Piguet, Submariner and Blancpain, so the Panerai PAM 127 was discontinued. In order to meet the demand for a large number of watch fans on the PAM 127, a factory called S made 127, but they did not use sapphire crystal, and the quality could not match that of Noob. However, another big factory, Z, cooperated with Noob and re-produced PAM 127 this year. This time they not only perfectly presented the quality of Noob, but also made some modifications to the replica watch, so this ultimate version is closer to the real model.
The biggest improvement is the movement, a seagull manual winding movement that was upgraded from the Z factory to the Swiss ETA 6497-2. Now that the movement is completely cloned, you can’t find the difference between it and the real ETA 6497. Please check these photos carefully. The blue steel screws and the engraving on the movement are identical to the Swiss ETA 6497. Regarding the manual winding movement of this clone, you can’t screw it too tight, about 20 turns at a time. The case is made of 316L stainless steel, brushed and the round bezel is polished. The case has a diameter of 47 mm and a thickness of 17.5 mm.
The crystal is not flat. It is a dome sapphire crystal with a Swiss standard colorless antireflection film. Below the crystal there is a black mezzanine dial with 3-6-9-12 Arabic numerals and hour markers. The bottom disc is a fully-applied Super-luminova that looks a bit shiny. But the hour markers and hands will give off a strong green glow in the dark. The small seconds hand is at 9:00. Unlike other PAMs, only the number “1950” on the dial is printed at 6 o’clock. It looks a bit retro, reminiscent of fans of old-fashioned PAM. The leather strap is brown in color and unlike the Panerai ASSO leather strap, this type of leather is softer to wear, so you can also try a black rubber strap on this PAM 127. You can get so much fun by swapping the strap on the Panerai watch.

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  • Собственная пристань для яхт;
  • СПА-центр с 3-я различными саунами, джакузи, профессиональными массажистами;
  • Боулинг с эксклюзивным дизайном на 4 дорожки и бильярдом;
  • Великолепно укомплектованный Фитнес-центр, с большим выбором самого современного оборудования от ведущего мирового производителя и профессиональными инструкторами;
  • Детский центр с игровой зоной и развивающими занятиями;
  • 4 ресторана с разнообразным меню, водный бар;
  • Конференц залы, где можно организовать любые мероприятия;
  • Beauty Center с новейшими разработками по уходу за вашим телом и лицом;
  • 2 бассейна с специальными детскими частями;
  • Скидки на дополнительные услуги для владельцев;
  • Wi-Fi на всей территории комплекса;
  • Охраняемая парковка на территории комплекса;
  • Кабельное телевидение в каждой квартире (есть российские каналы);
  • Магазины, медицинский центр, парикмахерская, прачечная и т.д.;
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