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НОВОСТЬ!Bamford Watch Department is now working with Zenith – official!
You know, the services in the branded cars’ field are very considerate and satisfactory. After-market customization is nothing new in the car business – think of Mercedes, BMW or Range Rover, and you immediately think of Brabus, Alpina or Overfinch. Yet, in spite of the obvious corollaries, the replica watch market has been slow to embrace such services in its own field. 
Therefore, George Bamford’s Bamford replica Watch Department has been filling the gap for the last 14 years, remodelling a range of iconic tool watches – including but not limited to the fake Rolex Daytonas and Submariners, together with the fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks and Royal Oak Offshores – in his distinctive black-on-black finishes, the better to provide his clients the individuality they crave – albeit at a price.
The brands themselves might not support the move, but however, the results speak for themselves. Bamford’s bespoke timepieces have, thanks to the resilience of his processes and the quality of their (re)designs, often become collectors’ items in their own right. In a ground-breaking deal with Zenith, the Le Locle manufacturer responsible for the legendary El Primero automatic chronograph, BWD is venturing into a new market that seems destined to grow: one-of-a-kind watches offered with the full support of the brand and benefitting from its after-sales service. 
The BWD customized replica Zenith collection is debuting with two models: the Pilot Type 20 and the recently revived ‘Cairelli” Heritage Cronometro Tipo CP-2 (above). Both can be supplied in BWD’s trademark all-black finish, with subtle variations on dial, sub-dial and bezel designs, using the ‘customiser’ portal of the BWD website.
“This is a new chapter and one of the most meaningful steps we have taken as a business,” says Bamford (pictured below with the President of the LVMH watch division, Jean-Claude Biver). “It is so perfect not only to gain such a great foothold in the Swiss watchmaking fraternity, but also to receive such a fabulous validation of our overall customization concept.
“I have long admired the quality and precision of Zenith timepieces as well as their pristine craftsmanship and the chance to work closely with them now allows us to… evolve and drive the world of elegant replica watches for sale to bold new ground.” For the fake Zenith, this is not a partnership so much as a ‘confidence and supply’ agreement: watches are delivered complete, after which BWD will take responsibility for the customised elements, while the manufacture maintains the warranty on its movements and other parts.

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